How Satisfied Are You With Your Life?

Are you getting the best life possible with the money you have?

I’ve just launched an exciting new tool called the ROL Index that will help you answer that question.  It consists of 20 questions that are grouped into three categories: Well-Being, Progress, and Freedom.

Based on your responses, the ROL Index creates a measure of your life satisfaction.  The results will have a profound effect on how you think about your financial planning and your life.

I invite you to click on the Schedule A Meeting link and I will send you the questions.  It will take you and your spouse about 5 minutes to complete the ROL Index and I will prepare your FREE personalized report.  You might be surprised by the results!

We can go over this report over a Zoom call or socially distanced at my office. 

Stop worrying about tomorrow, and start living today. 

Call me at 952-473-1116 to SCHEDULE A MEETING.